This is how TURFx works: Adding TURFx to soil causes a biological reaction to take place. As a result, the  activity of microorganisms increases significantly. Because of the increase activity of the microorganisms organic material (such as thatch) will be converted into inorganic material. The plant is able to absorb this inorganic material. Also the deterioration of organic material allows several kinds of elements vital for the growth of  plant to be released and available.


The effect microorganisms has on  soil structure is the same as worms,with the difference that the effect of worms is much coarser. TurfX stimulate the activity of microorganisms.

Before use of TurfX

Before use of TurfX

The microorganisms will improve the soil structure by making it a lot more refined. This will enable soil to retain more water and nutrients. A bigger soil buffer capacity. By creating a bigger soil buffer capacity improving the soil structure you create a bigger buffer capacity  less water and nutrients is needed to keep the plant healthy. And also by reducing the amount of water and nutrients you prevent the increase of thatch and Poa.

Microorganisms create a good growing conditions for the plant, thus a much healthier plant with a better resistancy for diseases.


The benefits when using TurfX:

  1. Larger soil buffer capacity, thus less use of water and fertilizers

  2. Plant will be more resistant to diseases because of better health

  3. Plant will slower lack elements of nutrients, because of a bigger soil buffer capacity

  4. Turf has a better resistance to ‘dry patch’

  5. Decrease of mechanical removal of Thatch. More green fees.

  6. Plant nutrients that weren’t available for the plant , is made available by microorganisms

TurfX is biodegradable, non-poisonous, pH neutral and does not contain any bacteria or enzymes.


After use of TurfX

After use of TurfX